Electric Fish Waveform Analyzer

You can download the wave analysis tool here. It has only been tested for Windows but should work in any operating system that supports Java.
Sample EODs - Necessary to test functionality of program.
Version 1.00 - Release version; various new features added and thoroughly tested
Version 0.90 - Introduced draggable points, custom markers and stretch compress. Run from web.
Version 0.85 - Introduced zoom bar, changing of sampling rate, reverse function and offset.
Version 0.80 - Fixed some glitches in duration approximations
Version 0.75 - Fixed zeroing bug and added sound conversion
Version 0.70
Version 0.65

This program requires Version 1.4 of the Java Runtime Module. That can be downloaded at http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4/download.html

This is a preliminary release. Help is still limited and several functions may not work exactly as intended. The data provided is not guaranteed to be accurate. Please email any questions, comments, or error reports to jdepree@ufl.edu.