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The original plan for this weekend was for all the interns to take a 2-day motorcycle safety class and get our licenses so that we could fly up the winding mountain roads that aren't all that much fun in a non-sporty car; upon investigating this, however, we found that every place within a hundred miles was booked until June. so we had to come up with more creative ways to get ourselves killed.

We decided to give Napa a second try, but once again our token 21-year-old bailed at the last minute, so we opted to find non-drinking related stuff to do in the valleys. After driving by all the vineyards without stopping for a single tasting (even though they were offered by every gift shop, visitor information center, and roadside fruit stand), we climbed to the top of Mt. Helena. On the way to Sonoma, we went by two misplaced attractions, Old Faithful and the Petrified Forest; I'm not sure whether these were natural occurences (or a hose in the ground and polished cement) but they were certainly much more convenient than the real things.

You know you're in Napa Valley when.

Popular climbing spot for people with actual equipment

Weather station or alien installationhttp://www.cise.ufl.edu/~jdepree. you be the judge.

These trees are completely naked

All part of my plan to beat adult web sites at their own game and interject PG results into searches for porn.