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The small seaside town of Pacifica just south of San Fran

I had not really intended to take a picture of this bush, but my "smart" camera opted to give focus to it rather than the picturesque ocean scenery behind it.

On every trip to San Fran, I've seen this crazy-looking tower looming in the distance, but when I finally got close enough to get a good picture, the fog had decapitated it.

Second encounter with nifty car (about 4 miles from the first place I saw it).

The Oakland bridge has to be one of the few bridges in the world with an exit; this leads to Treasure Island which has some sort of naval beach.

While sailing with the Berkeley Sail Club, I noticed these massive creatures in the distance; afterwards I went to a kite park where there were stunt kites, kite-buggies, remote-control gliders, and naturally, two 100-ft long octopii.

Future creative anachronists - weaponry not too scary just yet.

This is a cool mural, but if you've ever been to Berkeley, you know the real punchline in this picture is the sign in front of it.

Big tower in center of campus