I arrived in Iceland around midnight on Sunday. There were a bunch of signs explaining that you couldn't stay in the terminal overnight if you had an early morning flight, but since my flight wasn't til late afternoon, I didn't believe this applied to me. I inquired into the accommodation, but being that Iceland is just about the most expensive traveller's destination on the planet, a nearby hostel was going to run me no less than $65 a night. The Keflavik airport is a bit of a tomb; it has twice as many gates as it does daily departures, and you can walk through the terminal at mid-day without seeing much of anyone. It got light sometime around 11AM, but it was a dreary half-light accompanied by a biting wind and drizzel, and so, with little more than a wind-breaker, I opted not to use my 16-hour layover to explore the countryside but hunkered down in the airport and survived off of duty-free fish and licorice.