Telecom for Healthcare in the Amazon - December 9th - December 23rd, 2014

Thursday, December 10th - Boarding the boat at Santa Rosa

Welcome to the jungle

"100 years with the same curves"

A quick boat ride to Peru

Santa Rosa island

My hammock is somewhere amidst this swinging sea

Friday, December 11th - Life on the Amazon

First stop of the morning

Vendedores preparing to attack

My all-inclusive $20 cruise featured 3 meals a day

Saturday, December 12th - Another day on the river

Sunday, December 13th - Arrival in Iquitos

The nexus of the Amazon

Waving goodbye to my home of the last 3 days

"I am a tree, I am not a trashcan"

Meals at gringo restaurants have their advantages

The precarious boardwalk to our speedboat

Safety first

The legendary Yellow Rose of Texas

Monday, December 14th - Up the Napo to Tacsha

Some Vermonters came through and built several hundred covered bridges across the region

Allison resisting peer pressure to drink the locally produced aguardiente

Tuesday, December 15th - A tense game of volleyball


5th grade graduation is a pretty big deal here

We got four of these for a dollar!

Trying to sneak into Allison&squot;s luggage to avoid getting eaten

Wednesday, December 16th - Pacas on pacos

Thursday, December 17th - The killer cicadas of Santa Clotilde

Friday, December 18th - Run through the jungle

Saturday, December 19th - La guerra de las galaxias

Sunday, December 20th - Malta con huevo

Monday, December 21st - A once grand city

Tuesday, December 22nd - Christmas shopping

Wednesday, December 23rd - Escapar

Costs (US$1=3.38 Nuevos Soles, 3.96 Brazilian Reais, 3187.50 Colombian Pesos)

Spirit flight from Denver to Fort Lauderdale: $38.09 JetBlue flight from Fort Lauderdale to Bogota: $99.80
LAN flight from Bogota to Leticia (on the Colombian version of the site): 248,993 COP ($78)
Slow boat from Leticia to Iquitos (58 hours, leaves Santa Rosa at 8pm, arrives Iquitos at 6am, 6 meals included): 100 reais
Shared rapido from Iquitos to Mazan: 15 soles
Motocarro from downtown Iquitos to port: 3 soles
Top-rated hotel in Iquitos, with AC (double occupancy): $20 per person
Milkshake in market: 5 soles
Daily menu with soup, main course (meat, rice, plantains), juice: 7 soles
Hotel room in village: 10 to 12 soles per person
Comedor meal in village: 2 soles
Home-cooked meal in village: 5 soles
Juane (rice, olive, egg, chicken wrapped in a banana leaf): 1 sol
One kilo of fish off fisherman's boat: 3 soles