Hiking in Turkey and France - March 15th - March 30th, 2016

Packing for a Slackpacking Trip

Convertible pants
Fishing shirt
Briefs, wool socks
Trail running shoes
Gator wallet
Bike-shaped bottle opener
55 cents
Frogg Toggs rain jacket, rain pants (with bacon accents)
Robot t-shirt
2 pairs briefs, 2 pairs socks
Puffy jacket, balaclava
Running sandals
Disposable poncho
Blu Studio Energy 2 (days and days of battery, apps for offline maps, topo maps, gps tracking, offline translation)
Asus C201 Chromebook (13 hours of battery, under 2lbs with charger, 2GB memory)
Panasonic Lumix DMC-DS20 (20x zoom)
Kindle 2nd Edition (Free 3G across the world - I once ordered a plane ticket on a JoBurg subway!)
Cables, plug adapter
Water bottle with stickers
Toilet paper in dry bag
Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant
Sawyer filter
Sunscreen in baby lotion bottle
Passport in ziplock
Headlamp, headphones
Sunflower seeds and raisins in peanut butter jar
Dumpster-dived bobo oat bars
MountainScream 25 (look at the size of those mesh pockets!)


Heathrow's new T5 was apparently rated the best terminal in the world, but lacks decent sleeping seats, free samples, or anything else that might qualify it for this status in my book


A bird flies in front of the Agya Sofya
Inside the Blue Mosque
Construction on the Agya Sofya
Not the river that separates Europe from Asia
The Basilica Cistern
Not a single thing resembling pudding on the menu
Medusa head
They made me carry my shoes around in a baggie
$30 overnight bus had substantially more amenities than my American Airlines overseas flight
Riverside market in Fethiye

80ish km on the Lycian Way

Ghost town
Rock tombs
The trail goes straight through a ghost town!
My 4-star hotel's pool was lacking something
My room's toilet has a hairdryer and a phone!
Water park would likely be more enjoyable if water were added into the mix
I attempted to order a snack and ended up with a four-course meal - and then proceeded to lose all of it on the winding 12-hour bus ride that followed
Dinner feast included with $15 village hotel
Be the seed
Whichever way you choose, there will be dangerous rottweilers
Village stew

Scrambling to Cave Churches in Cappadocia

Standard hole donkey
Cave hostel
Castle I nearly went to
I arrived 2 minutes late to said castle and found this sign

225km on the Chemin de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle

Saint Jacques
Trail magic Easter chocolates
The Chemin coincides with GR-65 for much of its length
This donkey was none too happy to see me
There weren't too many road signs translated to English, but this seems like a good choice
Creative holy water container
Forlorn submariner
Free pilgrim hang-out (in-season)
Dog that followed me for 30 miles
Patron saint who got bludgeoned to death by Native Americans
Apparently the Nothing lives here
Almost a Cappadocian cave church
A perk of hiking in low-season - free upgrades to private rooms!
Local absinthe - 6 free samples before your hike
Inside Mary

Costs (US$1=2.86 Turkish Lira, 0.89 Euros)

Flights from Denver to Istanbul (American): 20k miles + $184 in taxes/fees
Flight from Cappadocia to Istanbul (Pegasus): $20
Flight from Istanbul to St. Etienne, France (Pegasus): $80
Agya Sofya entry: 30 TRY
Overnight bus from Istanbul to Fethiye (14hrs, snacks, wifi): 90 TRY
100g of Turkish delight (way too much): 5 TRY
Liver kebab: 5 TRY
Sour yoghurt fountain with foam: 2 TRY
Diarrhea-inducing sesame bread: 1 TRY
Public toilet/shower: 1 TRY
4-star hotel: 100 TRY
Village stew with bread: 10 TRY
Half-pension with massive dinner and breakfast in village: 45 TRY
Cave dorm in Cappadocia: 20 TRY

Hostel in Le Puy: 15 EUR
"Breakfast" of coffee, bread, jam, and butter: 7 EUR
750g of granola: 1.80 EUR
250g of peanuts: 1 EUR
Chemin credential: 5 EUR
200g of pizza from bakery: 2.40 EUR
Train ticket from Decazeville to Paris: 89 EUR