Via Ferrata in Slovenia and the Italian Dolomites - July 15th - July 27th, 2016


The Dolomites

Costs (US$1=.8928 Euros)

Flights from Denver to Vienna (one-way): $91 + 30k AA miles
Bus from Vienna to Graz (on-bus - only $9 if booked in advance): 22 EUR
Train from Graz to Maribor: 11.90 EUR
Giant ham mushroom pizza slice: 1.40 EUR
Train from Maribor to Celje: 7.60 EUR
Castle entry with coffee: 4.10 EUR
Bus to Solcava: 6.90 EUR
Bed and breakfast at mountain hut (before 50% mountain club discount): 20 EUR
Big soup with bread at Slovenian mountain hut: 6.50 EUR
Hostel in Ljubljana: 14.63 EUR
Bus/train combo from Llubjana to Bolzano: 40.85 EUR
Italian mountain hut without breakfast (with 50% discount): 12.7 EUR
Mountain hut breakfast: 9 EUR
Bed and breakfast/private rifugio per person: 25-40 EUR