Poland and Ukraine - August 10th - August 15th, 2016

Costs (US$1=.8928 Euros, 3.86 PLN, 25 UAH)

Flight from Stockholm to Gdansk: 9 Euros
Overnight train in Poland: 81 PLN
Blueberry licorice ice cream: 3.5 PLN
Borscht and coffee: 8.5 PLN
Sausage and cabbage stew: 7.5 PLN
Overnight bus to/from Ukraine: 18 Euros
Overnight train with bed and sheets: 139 UAH
Dinner at fancy restaurant with drink: 100 UAH
Zipline over river: 100 UAH
Pint of beer on street: 7 UAH
Pint of beer at craft brewery: 20 UAH