Israel and Jordan - January 9th - January 23rd, 2018

Vegan poke?
Less-than-vegan cuisine
Tel Aviv seciton of trail
In the heart of Jerusalem's old city
An Ethiopian restaurant with only two menu items (veggie and meat)
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Tomb in giant Mount of Olives graveyard
No affiliation
Another Palestinian Starbucks clone
The storied history of the pigeon post, recounted on my hostel walls
When you want to show you have widespread support on the global stage, you get Guatemala on-board first!
Highly useful navigational aid
Negev sculpture
The Negev
Curious orientation and spot pattern of local goats
Host's goat herd
Roasting coffee beans
Camping spot in Titen
Rum Village (no rum to be found)
The Treasury
The Siq from above
Pretty tiara
The Monastery
No corner of the globe is safe from the hipster threat
Old town Nazareth
Cana wine sampling
Church of the first miracle
Goat hostel
When you need a quick and easy trail marker, why not just drive rebar through a pile of boulders
Rungs down the cliff to the Sea of Galilee
Cave fortress
Typical roller dinosaur
Bahai Gardens

Costs (US$1=3.44 Israeli Shekels, 0.71 Jordanian Dinar)

Flight Denver to Chicago rt: $51
Flight Chicago to Tel Aviv rt: $251
Falafel and salad in pita: 15 ILS
Hummus with salads and pitas: 22 ILS
Train from Haifa to Tel Aviv: 31 ILS
Hostel bed in 12-bed dorm with breakfast: 75 ILS
Turkish Coffee: 5 ILS
Exit fee (land border): 105 ILS
Rice with chicken, yoghurt, pitas: 1.50 JOD
Sim card with 10GB over 1 month: 9 JOD
Hostel bed (4-bed room) with breakfast: 8.40 JOD
Petra Entry: 51 JOD
Turkish Coffee: .5 JOD
Exit fee: 10 JOD
Exit fine for leaving via different border: 40 JOD