DayTimeActivityPC Planned?# PCVsDescription
16:30AMSoccer PracticeNo2Not allowed to leave compound, so approached coach of pro soccer team - windsprints, ball control, 50 situps, 100 pushups, planks - abs hurt for three days
26:30AMRunningNo1Soccer field wet, so left compound and ran 1.7 mile loop 3 times - trash fires hurt lungs
25PMDance PartyYes43Intense 3 hours of dancing
35PMSoccerN10"Indoor" soccer on stairs
46AMRunningN1Ran in dark through downtown Freetown - unexpectedly crowded for early morning Sunday - not very good for running (traffic, smoke), though many do it
56PMRunningN64-mile trip up and down Candy Mountain, good trails, not too many trash fires
66:30AMRunningN1Running through Bo (about a 25-minute jog from New York) - roads of varying quality
66PMSoccerN8Giant game with tons of local kids I never managed to pin to a given team.
85PMUltimate FrisbeeN15Small field, tons of people
96PMJam SessionN15Played Wagon Wheel on the harmonica
114PMSoccerN15Small field, tons of people
145:30PMCardio Kickboxing/VolleyballN15Volleyball court had razors and other interesting obstacles - diving not encouraged
154PMWatching AnchormanY40That movie with Will Ferrell on the projector
178AMGara Tie-DyingY30A lot like tye-dying, but smellier - mix dies with caustic soda and sulphur. Coat with starch.
1710AMAmerica CelebrationY60Twister, cornhole, water balloon toss, music from America. Bean burgers, baked beans, fruit salad, and ginger beer for lunch
174PMTrainees vs. Trainers Footie GameY60The trainers recruited some extras and beat the trainees 2-1 in a soccer game at Coronation Field (real referees and about a hundred random spectators in attendance).
266PMBush Walk towards village of BakaN7I led a hike through rice paddies towards the nearby village of Baka.
416PMTouch RugbyN12A rather frightening game - even without the tackling.
426PMWaka Waka WednesdayN10Hike past sacred bush, over the river, and through the woods.