1BreakfastSt. Edwards Guesthouse, Freetown---Tasteless gruel, white bread and coffee
1LunchSt. Edwards Guesthouse, Freetown---Cassava leaf (green sludge) with fish/chicken/beef?
1DinnerSt. Edwards Guesthouse, Freetown---Chicken, veggies and french fries
2BreakfastSt. Edwards Guesthouse, Freetown---Fried banana bread and eggs
2LunchSt. Edwards Guesthouse, Freetown---Kren-kren (another green sludge) with mystery meats
2DinnerStadium Guesthouse---Barracuda and every single other dish they eat in Salone
3BreakfastSt. Edwards Guesthouse, Freetown---Plantains and eggs
3LunchSt. Edwards Guesthouse, Freetown---Groundnut Stew
3DinnerSt. Edwards Guesthouse, Freetown---Chicken, salad, 'rice and peas'
4BreakfastSt. Edwards Guesthouse, Freetown---Greasy puff pancakes
4LunchPineapple Town, PST complex---Box lunch (hard-boiled eggs, peanuts, lemon cookies), kren-kren with host family
4DinnerHomestay---Sweet potato fries and cucumbers
5BreakfastHomestay---Omelet and sweet potato fries
5LunchPST complex---Rice with cassava leaf
5DinnerHomestay---Curried cous-cous with chicken, sweet potatoes, pineapple, Asian snack crackers, popcorn
6BreakfastHomestay---Omelet and bread
6LunchPST complex---Rice with cassava leaf
6DinnerHomestay---Fried noodles, fried chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, bananas
7BreakfastHomestay---Omelet and bread
7LunchPST complex---Coco yams, yams, sweet potatoes and cassava covered in fish soup (with bones)
7DinnerHomestay (with brother Colin)---Fried noodles, fried chicken, cucumbers, sweet plantains, french fries, rice, kren-kren
8BreakfastHomestay---Porridge and hard-boiled eggs
8LunchPST complex---Cassava, spicy brown powder (apparently similar to peanuts), extremely dry fish
8DinnerHomestay---French fries, chicken, cucumber, sweet plantains
9BreakfastHomestay---Porridge and pineapple
9LunchVillage School---Extremely chewy fish and cassava lif
9DinnerHomestay---Best fish ever, cucumber, sweet plantains
10BreakfastHomestay---Root veggie, banana, and peanut curry porridge (awesome)
10LunchHomestay---Groundnut Soup (Fish, peanuts, spicy sauce)
10DinnerHomestay---Jolof Rice (Jasmine Rice, spices, veggies, chicken)
11BreakfastHomestay---Root veggie, banana, and peanut curry porridge (with tomato sauce instead of palm oil this time)
11LunchBaby naming party---Airplane meal of rice, sauce and fishy-tasting chicken leg
11DinnerHomestay---Chicken, sweet potato fries, cassava leaf
12BreakfastHomestay---Hardboiled egg, bananas, peanut butter and oatmeal (last two self-supplied)
12LunchPST complex---Rice and green stuff (I still can't tell the difference and I've tired of asking)
12DinnerHomestay---Chicken, sweet potato fries, spicy fried noodles
17LunchPST Complex---4th of July Feast: Bean burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, ketchup, mustard, fruit salad, no-bake cookies, ginger beer and sweet tea
18Brunch'Good Restaurant' at Bo truck stop3000Black-eyed peas, egg, onions, noodles, ketchup and mayo
18LunchHomestay---Sweet potatoes with palm oil paste and fish
18Mid-day mealFairview Lodge---Rice and green stuff with trainers
18Early dinnerHomestay---Jolof Rice with Chicken
18SupperHomestay---Spaghetti with sauce and meat
Kren-kren, cassava lif, rice, bif, etc. for every meal, forever onward...