First Night Kit

Mefloquine (or doxycycline)
Phenergan (nausea/vomiting)
Paracetamol (?)
Insect repellant

Med Kit

Acetominophen (50)
Pepto Bismol (48)
Triple Antibiotic Ointment (.5oz)
Cetylpyridium Throat Lozenges (18)
Chlorhexidine Detergent (wound care - 4oz)
Clotrimazole Cream (anti-fungal - .5oz)
Dextromethorphan Throat Lozenges (18)
Antacid Tablets (30)
Diphenhydramine Capsules (30)
Hydrocortisone Cream (1oz)
Ibuprofen (80)
Iodine Tablets (50)
Bottle of bleach
Oral Rehydration Salts (10)
Phenylephrine HCl Tablets (48)
Saline Eye Drops (.5oz)
Anti-Diarrheal Caplets (12)
Caladryl Cream (8)
Adhesize Tape (10yds)
Bandages (45)
Butterfly skin closures (20)
Condoms (10)
Dental Floss (100yds)
Elastic Bandage (5yds)
Gauze pads (10)
Exam gloves (2)
Insect repellant (1.25oz)
Lip balm
First Aid Pocket Guide
Safety Whistle (120db)
5-1/2" Bandage Scissors
Sunscreen (3.5oz)
Splinter Tweezers
Disposable Thermometers (10)
Digital Thermometer
Where there is no Doctor Handbook

Do not open unless advised

Cipro (6)
Keflex (21)
Amoxicillin (30)
Tinidazole (4)
Coartem (1 course for treatment of malaria)