Packing List

65L Teton Sports Backpack (checked)
26L Kelty Daypack (carry-on)
18L MEC Daypack (packed)
50 degree sleeping bag
Inflatable (busted) sleeping pad
Legit pillow
Rainjacket (not at all rainproof)
Disposable ponchos (3)
T-shirts (3)
Dress shirts (3)
safari shirts (2)
safari pants (1)
khaki pants (2)
Jeans (1)
Exercise shorts (2)
Swim trunks (1)
Underwear (4)
Running shoes
Hiking Shoes
Sun hat
Socks (6)
Tevas (1)
Tent (cycling)
Climbing shoes
Belay device
Carabiners (3)
Frisbees (2 - one glow-in-the-dark)
Dodgebals (6)
Bike pump
Ball needle for bike pump
AA Batteries (8)
AAA Batteries (8)
Duct tape
Electrical tape
Medical tape
Survey tape
Floss (150yds)
Toothpaste (8oz)
Sunscreen (8oz)
Shampoo (12oz) Hand sanitizer
Lighters (4)
Cold medicine
Sierra Leone Bradt Guidebook
The Quran
SAS Survival Handbook
Pens (30)
Money pouch
Cameras (2)
Camera chargers
Power adapters
Solar charger for phones
Solar panels, 3.33W (3)
Battery with 4 netbook charges worth of capacity
Power adapters
Tons of wiring and adapters for solar panels
Samsung N120 Netbook with 10 hours battery life
TI86 Calculator
Scientific calculator
Dinosaur juggling balls
Nail clippers
Ziplock bags
Water filter
Granola, almonds and apricots
Pocket knives (3)
Spoons/Eat'n tools (4)
Water bottle
Grip strength thing
Free sunglasses
Cheap sunglasses
Thumb drives (4)
GPS (2)
Paracord bracelet with whistle
South African $7 cell phone with charger
Headlamps (2)
Flashlights (2)
Sierra Leone Tourist Map
Homemade gazetteer from the 40s
Iodine tablets
Yellow fever card
Extra passport
Toilet paper