The Next Best Thing to a Ham Sandwich (a webpage by Jeff DePree)
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I started at the University of Florida in 2001 and have been gradually working my way towards a degree in Computer Engineering. Perturbed by my repeated failure to get season football tickets, I left for a semester co-op at a small software/hardware/consulting/(every other conceivable industry) group known as IBM. From there I went on to aimlessly wander around Europe (under the guise of attending a French university) for a couple of months. Next, it was out to San Jose for Spring 2004, and then to Texas for the summer. I returned for one semester, got restless, and left on a year-long round-the-world adventure (thinly veiled as a study-abroad trip). Since then, I've graduated and entered a PhD program, but have so far made remarkably little progress towards my degree.

Before I shunned the feelings-driven silliness of liberal arts and became inextricably entrenched in the pitiless, concrete world of math and science, I did quite a bit of writing - most of which was only slightly more intelligible than this web site. Here are some speeches I wrote back in high school. Speech Anthology Graduation Speech

Here's a poem: To a Sponge, and something even more bizarre: America Cringing