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Everyone knows that college is the best 4-7 years of your life, but there are times when you'd like to take a break from the papers and late nights of cramming for nerve-wracking tests, and become comfortably numb in a 9-5 job. Of course, if you happen to be a computer programmer, you're going to be bathed in the monitor's sickly glow for 14 hours a day, without the slightest glimpse of the sun or a moment's contact with another human being... but I digress; here is my resume with a small (outdated) sampling of all the crazy, off-the-wall jobs I've held in my myriad hiatuses from UF.

I've recently entered a PhD program as part of my ongoing effort to never work for a living.

This site was once used to advertise my icthyological research project, The Electric Fish Waveform Analyzer.

Another one of my project's involved the design of Pocket PC Games.