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Schedule 2004-2005 (subject to change without notice):

    1Orlando-Reyjavik-London Dec27-28
    2 London-Los Angeles Dec31
    3 LA-Tahiti Jan2
    4 Tahiti-Cook Islands Jan5
    5Cook Islands-Fiji Jan8
    6 Fiji-Auckland Jan15
    7 Auckland-ChristchurchJan26
    8 Christchurch-BrisbaneFeb13
    9 Brisbane-Singapore Jun27
    10Singapore-Bangkok Jul02
    11 Ho Chi Minh-Calcutta Nov11
    12 Delhi-LondonDec9
    13 London-Reykjavik Dec11
    14 Reykjavik-Orlando Dec12

Most kids, while growing up, decide they want to be astronauts or firemen or secret agents; I never had such ambitions. Ever since I was old enough to type, I've wanted to be a software engineer who writes business software applications and makes millions of dollars and retires at an early age to a beach house in Florida. After trying this out for a few years (except for the bit about making enough to retire - still a poor college student), I've come to the realization that sitting at a desk, staring at a monitor all day really isn't the non-stop rollercoaster ride I had envisioned. So my new plan is to be Indiana Jones, and to that end, I'm teaching in Thailand for 3 months starting in July, and afterwards just wandering around Asia for another few months, exploring temples and fighting off wild monkeys. To follow my adventures, click on one of the links or the map above, or, if you can't wait til I get around to making another notable trip, click here to read my sporadic ramblings (warning: these are highly spontaneous and may not meet the same standard of quality as the other crap on this site).