Peace Corps Sierra Leone (Jeff's Unofficial Blog - does not represent views of US government)

Location: Jaima Nimikoro, Kono District, Sierra Leone

Dates: June 17th, 2013 - August 2015 10th, 2013

Assignment: High School Math Teacher in Rural Village

Supplemental Project Ideas: Trail (climbing/caving/other ecotourism opportunity) mapping, ultimate frisbee league, beekeeping, composting, biogas (stoves, waste disposal, fertilizer), micro-livestock (guinea pigs, giant rats), solar/wind power, vertical farming, world map (eco-graffiti?), 'organic' chocolate, vegetable gardening (vegetarian cooking?)

Application Process - Packing List - Med Kit

Travel in West Africa Getting to/from Salone

Return Attempt #1

1942 US Army Google Earth Overlay - Gazetteer (30MB) (index)

Peace Corps Volunteer Map Project

The Beginning (June 17th-June 19th, 2013)

Pre-Service Training

Requisite Narrative: Weeks 1 and 2, Weeks 3-6, and Weeks 7-10
Class Schedule - Food Log - Extracurricular Log

The Bo Freetown Rail Trail

Life as a Rock Star

Bif, It's What's for Dinner (and breakfast, and lunch, and afternoon snack)

Star: The Light Beer with More Goat

Swapping Tales Round the Ol Wata Kula

The Second Goal of Peace Corps: To Dance